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Providing a full spectrum of independent casualty actuarial consulting services to insurance, business, and governmental organizations, the consultants at the Burkhalter Group have continued their reputation for high professional standards and creative, innovative approaches to challenging problems.

While maintaining a complete library of standard and traditional actuarial techniques, TBG continually seeks out enhancements in methodology and procedures to respond to new and complex problems. This emphasis on innovation and creativity is one of the hallmarks of the Group.

We at the Burkhalter Group believe we have assembled a team of professionals who have attained a reputation for quality and reliability with a high level of technical ability. Because of our compact size, we believe we can maintain a unique working relationship with our clients. At the same time, we also have the depth of experience in our staff to address problems from several "sets of eyes" as necessary. We invite you to consider the Burkhalter Group. We appreciate your support and confidence.

A Broad Spectrum of Services

The Burkhalter Group has acquired experience in a wide range of casualty actuarial services, including:

  • Loss Reserve Projections

  • Pricing

  • Individual Risk Rating Plans

  • Experience Rating Plans

  • Retrospective Rating Plans

  • Dividend Plans

  • Loss Rating

  • Risk Models

  • Simulates loss and investment experience of entity over 10,000 random trials.

  • Primary or excess layers

  • Self-insurance funding models

  • Management Information Systems for small carriers, including database design and reporting systems to assist monitoring of reserves, claim frequency/severity trends.

  • Expert testimony

  • Analysis of impact of legislation on loss costs

  • Financial projections

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